Quest for the Sound of Truth


“I discover a new me soon as I think I knew me!” – Ronak R.

I think I’m a an adventurer, a thinker, an enthusiast who is keen to discover new places and meet new people. Share ideas and tell stories.. 🙂

I live through music. I explore this thing called life. I love music, COSMOS, science, art, philosophy, culture; and love trying new things and gathering new experiences. I’m not religious / political. I’m always eager to break free.. cross the boundaries and live up this life.

Well, this is my life-blog.. and is where you can find all my music and other stuff.

I keep editing the pages and posts as this life teaches me, and I also love to write short summarized quotes of wisdom that I learn along the way. You can discover them on my Twitter or on my Quotes page.

To get in touch with me, visit : OR write an e-mail to


Love, peace, CheerZ!

~ RokZRooM / Ronak R.

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