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Album Review : 21st Century Breakdown by Green Day

If you’ve known me for long enough, you might know that I get deeply engrossed by and involved with the music I listen, I adapt, I love, and then… I live through.

There hasn’t been good new releases (for my taste) for quite some time in the international rock spectrum recently! But this one captured me, completely.

After the much acclaimed American Idiot, Green Day comes with another wonderful album with their own signature elements! If truth must be told, I never listened much of rock till I came across Metallica (well, thats too solid a taste for all to start with, but I loved their evergreen titles anyway! And yes, I can proudly say, I love rock!!!) Coming back to the Green Day’s release, 21st Century Breakdown, there’s much to offer to the listener in the two CD bundle with 18 solid tracks.

One of my close friends once had a discussion with me (when I was much into Hip-Hop and Rap and blues – all at once though for different reasons and specialties) when I argued whether Rock is the evergreen genre or not! I was ignoramus then!?

Especially after coming across some of the best music of the rock scene’s history, my perception changed a bit, giving a a bit preferential treatment and a special place for Rock in my heart.

Coming back to Green Day, I recall the first song I heard from them was Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Still, its one of my all time favorites! They’ve always proved the special place they deserve in the Rock scene.

21st Century Breakdown comes with 3 portions termed as acts. This gives a unique identity by segregating the tracks in a special theme, under the act names Heroes and Cons, Charlatans and Saints, Horseshoes and Handgranades. As always, you’ll fall in love the way they tell you the story.  Its a must-own album for rock fans, with a touch of ballads, a concern for the world overflowing in most of their songs, and lyrics filled with awesomely apt vocab.

Some of the must listen songs, which I’ve been constantly listening and humming for past couple of weeks, are Last Night On Earth, Viva La Gloria, Viva La Gloria (Little Girl), Know Your Enemy, 21 Guns, Restless Heart Syndrome… Ahh, well, each of them is special; and most of it will soothe your Rock appetite for sure. But these all are my (current) favs from this album!

Not saying I am capable of, but if I had to rate this album, it would get a score of something around 84/100. Though it was instinctive, I could separate the scores amongst: Music (19/25), Lyrics (21/25), Theme (20/25) and Technical (24/25) aspects.

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New Track – dReaMZ caLLiNG

Title: dReaMZ caLLiNG

Hello friends.

After a long silence, here I’m shouting in this new track, filled with ambient sounds, soft beats and a nice theme.

Hope you enjoy the show.

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News : TO MOKSHA will be TRACK OF THE DAY on GarageBand

Hey friends….

Here’s yet another good news…

My track, TO MOKSHA (Genre>Electronica>Experimental/Trance) will be Track of The Day on, the online musicians community of rising music bands…

As a result of some very enthusiastic reviews from members, “To Moksha” will be Track of the Day at

For 24 hours on Monday, the 14th of May, 2007 (PST) “To Moksha” will be featured on‘s Electronic front page. The address for this page will be:

Cheers… and thanks for the love and support.

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Hey friends…

Great news… my track “Captured” won the first prize in the CNet /’s Get Heard Contest 2. Whats great??? The song will be considered to be preloaded on Nokia’s Next Handsets (the N series, I guess)… and I’m given a free N91 too…


~ Ronak R.