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RokZRooM – The Last Knight

Holy Reprise

Apart from my keen enthusiasm for Astronomy, Physics & Music; I spent most of my childhood reading one of my all time favorite magazines – Safari and being astonished by the true stories it unveiled. The specialty of the magazine was its stunning representation of the fact, simple and captivating. But, truth isn’t always good.

The war stories of India with various neighbor-nations was one of its unique and best-selling concept. I’ve read most of them. But, the enjoyment of victorious battles or the sadness of defeats that came along often led to a retrospect. And, I realized that most of the wars that we engaged in ( – especially those involving India and Pakistan), were never really meant to start. Of course, the pressure and suppressed rage could never hold the fire forever. But, the roots of these all lied long long long back.. in the history of these nations.

I wouldn’t like to repeat the facts that can once again lead to the same arguments, but just highlight a simple dream that I visualized while learning these historical facts.

Can the errors be undone? How would the present have been if there wasn’t any partition? May be after some more struggle and somewhat more sustained period of pain, could we have not build one of the strongest & richest nation for us all? Where did we go wrong? What decision did we fail to execute? Why do we still have to suffer? Can not we reunite?

Here’s a small dedication, along with this belief, to all the countrymen of both nations. My attempt to recreate Pakistan’s beautiful national anthem.

Feel my dream.

Holy Reprise by RokZRooM

With Love, from India. :’-)

* This theme was recreated by me as  a part of the project Rebrand Pakistan, conceptualized & initiated by Amir Anzur.

~ Ronak R. / RokZRooM

Some experimental sound under production..

Just started a new project… well, not a project.. bit simply a random mash-up.. 😉 I was just checking the output of my new headphones, and this piece sounded superb with it! 🙂

Basically, aiming to make some good rap/soul beats for a family-cousin from Canada. Lets see what comes out..

Btw, you can listen the updated versions of this track on my Muziboo page (see my Muziboo link on Network page here).

Click here to listen the latest upadte.

~ Ronak R.

Sennheiser HD 280 PRO!

Finally! 😀

Sennheiser HD 280 PRO

Sennheiser HD 280 PRO

I was dying so hard to get a good headphones for past couple of months, and finally arranged for one by myself.

Just got it yesterday (1st Dec)! And, it’s so freaking awesome! The low and high frequency response in the neodynamic speaker of the headphones, with 64 Ω Impedance, the new dynamics of sound appears to be unveiled.

Tested some of my work to see how its dynamics actually are, and found my Inevitable Descent, A Strange Feeling and Not In Love (not released yet) to be a few among the best; while To Moksha and Captured to be moderately good.

And now I realised I need to work more on a few of the tracks I’ve already released.

See you soon, with a new dynamic music!

~ Ronak R. / RokZRooM

MuziCast Episode 6

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~ Ronak R. / RokZRooM

Whats in MuziCast Episode 6?

A change in show pattern, interview intertwined.. 😉

– Music by Don Modica aka Theone The Dark Over Lord
– Music by RokZRooM feat. FFGreen, Javelin_Fangz & others.
– DJ Deepak and Meghana Kulkarni for POW

Hope you enjoy the show. 🙂

MuziCast Episode 5

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Whats in MuziCast Episode 5?

– Some ROCK stuff by Sudeip Ghosh
– DJ Deepak and Sanour Mohammad with some amazing FUSION
– Nitin Dubey with a totally bolly-number!

Hope you enjoy the show. 🙂

~ Ronak R. / RokZRooM

MuziCast is Live now!


Great news.. MuziCast is Live now! 🙂

You might wonder what MuziCast is. Well, its an effort that will highlight some of the coolest underground music. At MuziCast, our efforts would be to highlight independent musicians and their music through a weekly podcast, released on every Sunday ideally.

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and the show goes on…

Singer / vocalist [Female] Needed

I’ve been bit busy doing some recent works, and I’m glad to see how its coming out. One such track I did, for which I have put together some lyrics, needs some vocalist.

About the song:

Title: The Last Night
Genre: Sort of House/Electronic/Techno/Dark Beats
Album: Ecstacy
Length: 3 min 43 secs or more.

You might be the one if…
– you can sing English songs, with British / International accent.
– your voice is crystal clear.
– you can sing on low notes / down octaves / low pitch/ mandra saptak or madhya saptak.
– you can sing and record as per directed.

What you’ll get?
– Fair credit whenever / wherever song is used.
– Able to use it for your promotion.
– Other things / terms we agree upon, if you wish.

IF you think you’ll be able to do this, reply here or mail me at rokzroom [at] yahoo [dot] com [include subject line as “The Last Night Singer” or you’ll be filtered out] with details regarding any experience you’ve / any issues or clarifications needed.

You’ll get an mp3 to refer to once we star working on.

Hope to find the voice I’m looking for.

~ Ronak R. / RokZRooM

New MP3 Released: Anesthetic

Here’s another one.

Title: Anesthetic
Genre: IDM /Experimental
Length: 3:34
Licence: Creative Commons – Share Music


Made this on March 03, 2008, in about 4 – 5 hours. I was messing around my usual tools, and recorded some samples spontaneously, and some recorded vocals after an hour or so. I think I’ll rework this, and I like the way it came out. Hope you too enjoy it.

Listen / Download Here

~ Ronak R. / RokZRooM

Creative Commons License

This music free to share under a Creative
Commons Music Sharing License


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<license rdf:resource=”;


Sampling in a DIY way… for a change!

Recently there was a small discussion on SectionZ Electronic Musician’s community with our fellow musicians whether one prefers DIY over samples. Stepping ahead of the views expressed in a healthy discussion, I thought of another way, which is not new at all for most of musicians.

We do use samples, and the way they sound so familiar when overused in our production, it makes the entire stuff more like the same-great-ordinary-music. That’s what my stuff unfortunately sounds according to many friends out there. Let me tell you, the most interesting stuff I came across was messing with same samples or the synths to develop a new sound. Another ‘kewl’ sample! That’s what I tried doing back few months, when there was a competition on that I participated in. Don’t ask for results, but I’d say, the outcomes were some quite interesting samples. You may download these samples from the link below. Let me share the way I did some of them, if I can recall it well.

The samples used are FL Studio default snares. I simply filled some of the FX slots. Then panned some notes across timeline. Cut them in smaller pieces to make them sound slick and sharp. And I loved what turned out. Sounds simple, and so was that. I am not a maestro, but would like to tell you however that if you try to play around, something interesting might come up. In attempt to do so, you may consider applying some filters, change the cut-off or resonance settings, add a bit reverb or delay, or even mess with the envelope of the wave. Then, export the sample, and start it over on new sample. This will give you an enhanced sample to create something better ahead. You might come across the results that are unpredictably amazing. Cool, huh? Just try it. And if you come across something awesome, share it on CCMixter and let me know about it.

Download These Samples Here Free [Chopped Darkness]

Licenced Under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Licence

~ Ronak R.

New Track : D3MYST1F1ED

Here’s another track, D3MYST1F13D (i.e. demystified).

Title: D3MYST1F13D
Genre: Electronica
Mood: Dark
Licence: CC-Share Music
Link: SectionZMusic

Some dark, pianotic, slow not so hiphop-ish stuff that I came out with when I was so D3MYST1F13D.

Hope you like it. Expect update based on your reviews soon, coz its not complete yet. Leave your reviews here.

Thanks for listening. 🙂

~ Ronak R. / RokZRooM

New Track – dReaMZ caLLiNG

Title: dReaMZ caLLiNG

Hello friends.

After a long silence, here I’m shouting in this new track, filled with ambient sounds, soft beats and a nice theme.

Hope you enjoy the show.

~ Ronak R.

News : TO MOKSHA will be TRACK OF THE DAY on GarageBand

Hey friends….

Here’s yet another good news…

My track, TO MOKSHA (Genre>Electronica>Experimental/Trance) will be Track of The Day on, the online musicians community of rising music bands…

As a result of some very enthusiastic reviews from members, “To Moksha” will be Track of the Day at

For 24 hours on Monday, the 14th of May, 2007 (PST) “To Moksha” will be featured on‘s Electronic front page. The address for this page will be:

Cheers… and thanks for the love and support.

~ Ronak R.

MP3 Release: Inevitable Descent

Here’s just another MP3 release by me… Inevitable Descent.

This is a soundtrack with some hip-hop and Arabic touch to it.. the suspense will take your imagination over and will leave you with a mystic melodic Arabic end. You’ll enjoy this for sure. Download it for free NOW on my SectionZ Artist Page.

Go to now to download all my music!!


~ Ronak R.


Hey friends…

Great news… my track “Captured” won the first prize in the CNet /’s Get Heard Contest 2. Whats great??? The song will be considered to be preloaded on Nokia’s Next Handsets (the N series, I guess)… and I’m given a free N91 too…


~ Ronak R.