Quest for the Sound of Truth


My life at IIPM

Yea.. Its kewl. Its hectic, its tremendously difficukt to manage the things, and choosing things that I’d prefer lesser over the ones that I love most. But, I’m doing it, and I’m liking it. Yeah!

Its almost my fourth month at IIPM, where I’m doing my PGP-PE (sorta m.b.a., but its much more than that). All these ex-curriculars and the studies eats up my entire routine… giving me hardly an hour after midnight to do what I really love, music-ing. But, I guess thats alright. The world is not so small, and its interesting as well. I’m liking these days, whatever is happening is for good, as I can see, it will definately lead to something great.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep torturing you through my music, blog, website (yea, updates are under progress, expect some great news soon), and may be a new pod-cast as well. Hope you’re appetite is well enough.