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Get “Captured” by “Ronak R.”

Well, you might just want to download the song Captured by Ronak R. OK. Ask reasons. Its a mixture of some IDM + DnB + Sound Track elements with Vocals by Ronak R.  in his peculiar signature style and insane guitar works. You better not miss it. This is one of the most appreciated works from Ronak R. Its been awarded as Track of The Week on SectionZ, awarded for various categories on Garage Band, awarded as Track Of The Day on Garage Band, ruled the charts for about a month and reached # 1 on SectionZ.

MP3 : Captured – Track of The Week on SectionZ !

 Hey all… Another Great news. My MP3 'Captured' is worth not missing out. Some reasons for your whys.- Within 24 hours of upload, it has been selected as Track Of The Week on !

Kewl ? – Finally, it ruled ! Reached no. 1 on Charts on SectionZ.- This is the track I enjoyed most while making, atleast till date.

– A rapid-pace track having some mixture of DnB + IDM + Vocals + Guitar Works… check out. All can listen it here : or or Hope you like it.

 ~ Ronak R.