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LTM – Angels On The Moon

A retrospect of the life often helps unveil the key to fate. However, its crucial to know that neither the revelations of the retrospect nor the future so crafted matters as much as the struggle involved in the revelation. Enjoy the journey. Cherish each moment of present.

The curiosity that mystery holds is often more precious than the truth itself. Why, then, to waste the energy in futile attempt to reach the end, the dead-end, in stead of enjoying the way, the karma, the portion of life which will consume most of our time.

From my personal repository of  i.Quotes, I wanted to share a message for so long. Finally, yesterday I accidently discovered Thriving Ivory, a new artist band; and instanly fell in love with its song Angels On The Moon. A perfect treat! And if Thriving Ivory continues pouring similar passion to their work, may be it can come out as a new LP.


i.Quote: Future is secure in the hands of mystery.


So, once again, here I’m with a music and a message, ensuring my existance through music.


Know what it feels like Living Through Music? 


LTM – Where Do We Draw The Line

When a forlorn heart, filled with dreams, aspirations, emotions, thirst and hunger of love and passion, is stuck amidst insatiability & depression; a ray of shine, of hope, of faith shall emerge only from the depth of a pure conscience.

The feeling of helplessness carries tremendous burden. At such times, it becomes so essential to face the questions, and find the right answers.

This is a song again so special to me.. as it has helped me in standing up again from the odds, compelling me to do what I want while seeking what I love.. to draw my lines.


Descent is never eternal, its not THE end. But just a pause, a break long enough to help you draw your lines.


Know what it feels like Living Through Music?