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RokZRooM – The Last Knight

GoonJ – Tamanna

GoonJ – Tamanna

Just in case you’ve not listened me singing yet, here is one such song. 🙂

Hope you enjoy it! 😉


Terminator – Salvation

Terminator - Salvation

Terminator - Salvation


I could never watch a movie that I wanted to so badly in its first day first show! And a very few of the big-screen experiences I’ve had till date could deliver such a passion, thrill.. excitement!! Real entertainer!!

Its year 2018. The Skynet has taken over the control of Global weapon system, and most of the colonies the human race have developed so far are ruined to ashes. Except some underground existence of human race, only thing found on the land is debris of the devastated human marvels. Amongst these ruins lives the resistance, the secret army confined in scattered hideouts, with a common goal to destroy Skynet and a complete faith in John Connor.

But, the culprits behind the Skynet had already started its extreme version of Terminator. Marcus. The dashing, handsome hunk was once sentenced to death in 2003. But, he was revived later, upon his agreement to donate his body for R&D. The new Cyborg incarnation of Marcus with a body of bolts aimed to jolt has a brain and heart of a man.

Will John Connor and his army be able to destroy the Skynet? Or, the Marcus’ heart will be overridden by the purpose he’s remade to serve – genocide of human race?

Absolutely stunning graphics. Signature soundtrack with a qualitative reincarnation of the music (don’t miss shockingly awesome introductory music) and sound effects. A solid story line that a hard-core terminator fan OR any Sci-Fi fan would expect with an apt screenplay required for the plot to be perfectly generated. The second half slows down a bit, becoming a little draggy if you’re not connected with the storyline.. but worth watching for a hell-bent entertaining, its a great action thriller of the summer of ’09.

A must watch on the big screen. I’d rate this movie 8/10.

Ronak R. / RokZRooM