Quest for the Sound of Truth

Orgasmic Child Birth – A Secret Unveiled? [Explicit Content]

I recently stumbled upon a really interesting article. Astonishing as it might sound, it really seems appealing and believable. Everyone is aware of the excruciating pain involved with a child-birth. But, as this research claims, this pain can not only be avoided but also turned into ecstatic orgasmic experience.

Read the original article, from year 2008, here.

Or watch the trailer of the movie that reveals all the information related to the idea here [Contains Explicit Content].


Now, go tell your friends, this might help them turn pain into pleasure. 🙂

On a related note, this reminds me of these lines from the song Girl by The Beatles. 😉

Was she told when she was young that pain
Would lead to pleasure?
Did she understand it when they said

Okay, lets watch that too.


Now this also reminds me of the research-article I’m writing, intending to finish soon this month (hopefully), which is about the future civilization after successful transition into an RBE. Many will be excited to hear that the Marriage (along with other Social Systems) that are predominant in today’s world will be rendered obsolete. Interesting times ahead. 😉

See you later.




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