Quest for the Sound of Truth

Awakening of a dream…?

This dates back just a few years. It was 2008 I guess. I wasn’t a topper, but of course an above average student in post-graduation at IIPM. I know many of you’ve heard a lot about IIPM – the profit making machine. And I too agree with it to an extent.

But the thing I wanted to share here is an incident that occurred in one of our Mergers & Acquisitions class. The faculty (teacher) belongs to one of renowned corporate house, holding a top managerial position. The discussion of that class was about how the global economy and international market works, and as usual, it was taken to a much higher level by that faculty, whom I respect a lot for his intellect and guidance.

Amidst the discussion, not knowing anything about Zeitgeist concept or any similar ideas then, I, out of curiosity and a glimpse of a possible better world that I could see, I asked the professor, “Sir, is it not possible to have no nation? Can we not let go off the economy and borders, and make just one nation of all the nations.. one entity that takes care of the entire earth and its resources?”

“Not really..” he said. Students laughed. But, I still smiled and my eyes were still shining!

“Why?” I asked. He said, “How else do you think the world will work? This is how the system is. THIS is how it is. There can NEVER be no nations.. no borders..”

The lecture ended with my unanswered questions and glittering curiosity and a dream… a dream that hopefully we all share today! :’)

This dream shall not die. 🙂

~ Ronak R. / RokZRooM


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