Quest for the Sound of Truth

Holy Reprise

Apart from my keen enthusiasm for Astronomy, Physics & Music; I spent most of my childhood reading one of my all time favorite magazines – Safari and being astonished by the true stories it unveiled. The specialty of the magazine was its stunning representation of the fact, simple and captivating. But, truth isn’t always good.

The war stories of India with various neighbor-nations was one of its unique and best-selling concept. I’ve read most of them. But, the enjoyment of victorious battles or the sadness of defeats that came along often led to a retrospect. And, I realized that most of the wars that we engaged in ( – especially those involving India and Pakistan), were never really meant to start. Of course, the pressure and suppressed rage could never hold the fire forever. But, the roots of these all lied long long long back.. in the history of these nations.

I wouldn’t like to repeat the facts that can once again lead to the same arguments, but just highlight a simple dream that I visualized while learning these historical facts.

Can the errors be undone? How would the present have been if there wasn’t any partition? May be after some more struggle and somewhat more sustained period of pain, could we have not build one of the strongest & richest nation for us all? Where did we go wrong? What decision did we fail to execute? Why do we still have to suffer? Can not we reunite?

Here’s a small dedication, along with this belief, to all the countrymen of both nations. My attempt to recreate Pakistan’s beautiful national anthem.

Feel my dream.

Holy Reprise by RokZRooM

With Love, from India. :’-)

* This theme was recreated by me as  a part of the project Rebrand Pakistan, conceptualized & initiated by Amir Anzur.

~ Ronak R. / RokZRooM


2 responses

  1. Hello SirG!

    I don’t have any right to comment or review as you are more experienced in this field than me. But as the music of my choice I would say that I like the BASS part and PLUCKERs and the slow-down is really very good arranged. Further I like a kind of hiphop, r&b, etc type music , so this one definatly not my type… But not bad sir I really like the bass you have started with osm!

    I am also working on the same project! Let’s c. And I want your review ha, shortly will be uploaded on my page.

    thnx TC.

    May 19, 2010 at 1:03 am

    • Of course, its a matter of choice & taste! But, there aren’t any pluckers per se in the mix. Paradoxically, the instruments are real piece of cake, for those who can recognize the marvel.. the live piano for example.

      Wish you luck with your assignment, live up to it. 🙂

      May 19, 2010 at 12:42 pm

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