Quest for the Sound of Truth

Singer / vocalist [Female] Needed

I’ve been bit busy doing some recent works, and I’m glad to see how its coming out. One such track I did, for which I have put together some lyrics, needs some vocalist.

About the song:

Title: The Last Night
Genre: Sort of House/Electronic/Techno/Dark Beats
Album: Ecstacy
Length: 3 min 43 secs or more.

You might be the one if…
– you can sing English songs, with British / International accent.
– your voice is crystal clear.
– you can sing on low notes / down octaves / low pitch/ mandra saptak or madhya saptak.
– you can sing and record as per directed.

What you’ll get?
– Fair credit whenever / wherever song is used.
– Able to use it for your promotion.
– Other things / terms we agree upon, if you wish.

IF you think you’ll be able to do this, reply here or mail me at rokzroom [at] yahoo [dot] com [include subject line as “The Last Night Singer” or you’ll be filtered out] with details regarding any experience you’ve / any issues or clarifications needed.

You’ll get an mp3 to refer to once we star working on.

Hope to find the voice I’m looking for.

~ Ronak R. / RokZRooM


One response

  1. Silowette

    Hi how are you.I see u are looking for a vocalist I would love to work with you.My name is Silowette and you could check me out on myspace and listen and enjoy.Drop me a message if ur interested.

    June 8, 2008 at 1:37 am

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