Quest for the Sound of Truth

Sampling in a DIY way… for a change!

Recently there was a small discussion on SectionZ Electronic Musician’s community with our fellow musicians whether one prefers DIY over samples. Stepping ahead of the views expressed in a healthy discussion, I thought of another way, which is not new at all for most of musicians.

We do use samples, and the way they sound so familiar when overused in our production, it makes the entire stuff more like the same-great-ordinary-music. That’s what my stuff unfortunately sounds according to many friends out there. Let me tell you, the most interesting stuff I came across was messing with same samples or the synths to develop a new sound. Another ‘kewl’ sample! That’s what I tried doing back few months, when there was a competition on that I participated in. Don’t ask for results, but I’d say, the outcomes were some quite interesting samples. You may download these samples from the link below. Let me share the way I did some of them, if I can recall it well.

The samples used are FL Studio default snares. I simply filled some of the FX slots. Then panned some notes across timeline. Cut them in smaller pieces to make them sound slick and sharp. And I loved what turned out. Sounds simple, and so was that. I am not a maestro, but would like to tell you however that if you try to play around, something interesting might come up. In attempt to do so, you may consider applying some filters, change the cut-off or resonance settings, add a bit reverb or delay, or even mess with the envelope of the wave. Then, export the sample, and start it over on new sample. This will give you an enhanced sample to create something better ahead. You might come across the results that are unpredictably amazing. Cool, huh? Just try it. And if you come across something awesome, share it on CCMixter and let me know about it.

Download These Samples Here Free [Chopped Darkness]

Licenced Under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Licence

~ Ronak R.


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