Quest for the Sound of Truth

MP3 : No Warnings No Choices

After a considerable break, I’m glad to announce my new mp3 track, titled “No Warnings No Choices”. The song is dedicated to hurricanes victims of 2005, and conveys a message to respect the mother nature.

This track is a bit sort of Ambient which grows later on, pumping in some beats and making the end more attractive. The title depicts the mood of the track, a bit sad, a bit peaceful, and a bit growing. You’ll like it.
Download now for FREE here : or (soon).

I found an interesting music artist ioes on GarageBand, whose music smoothly touches the listeners’ heart. And, while I coneveyed a message to him, whil reviewing him, to listen my stuff. He did. And, he liked it. And, he published in his first podcast for the february month. You may find the podcast download link here : . Also, you might like the stuff on his website : . Finally, don’t miss his mp3 track “Peruvian Girl” on .

Enjoy this great tracks. See you soon.

~ Ronak R.


One response

  1. hcross


    I left a review at sZ… I’ll have to check out that garageband musician you were talking about


    February 5, 2006 at 1:58 pm

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